Patient Centered

Cocobot was designed to match the needs of caregivers of children with chronic disease

Evidence Based

Cocobot provides a validated method of improving mental health symptoms in caregivers of pediatric patients

Machine Learning

Cocobot has learned to understand how everyday events affect our emotions to respond empathetically

Evidence Based

What is Virtual Therapy?

CocoBot targets common caregiving symptoms (e.g., fatigue, disturbed sleep, depressive symptoms, and anxiety) through an on-demand health dialog system that provides caregivers the tools to self-monitor symptoms, problem solve, and take appropriate actions through a series of 4-5 sessions.

Conversational Intelligence

How Does Cocobot Work?

Problem Solving Therapy

Cocobot helps to learn skills that can improve your management of mental health symptoms

Understand Emotions

Cocobot provides listens to your problems and responds empathetically so you know it understands

Review Your Data

Learn how events have impacted your thoughts and emotions and remove any data at anytime


Who are we?

Weichao Yuwen, Ph.D., RN
Assistant Professor
Will Kearns, Ph.D.(c)
Project Lead
Dong Si, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Nora Wang
Lead Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my data used?
All of your data stays secure on your device. At the end of your five-step therapy, you will be asked to share your anonymized data with our research team as part of an Institutional Review Board approved study. Read our privacy policy for additional information.
How do I delete my data?
At anytime you can permanently remove any message from your chat history. To remove all data, visit your account page.
How much does it cost?
Cocobot is free for personal use.
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